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Natural Relief of Allergies and Sinus Issues at Eulo Chiropractic Center

Allergies and sinus issues can impact your life on a daily basis. Many individuals do not wish to take medication for allergies or sinus problems out of a desire to use natural healing methods to control their wellness. We at Eulo Chiropractic Center can promote your fullest well-being through natural relief of allergies and sinus problems. Learn how the combination of chiropractic care and nutritional counseling can help you find relief from nasal, sinus, and allergies. 

girl with allergies

How We Treat Allergy With Chiropractic

Allergies come about when your body's immune system perceives a substance as harmful. This may be something natural, like pollen or dust, a particular food, a chemical, or another substance. Your immune system deals with the supposed harm through symptoms such as sneezing, watery eyes, runny nose, swelling, hives, and so on. 

How does chiropractic alleviate the suffering from allergy symptoms? Chiropractic adjustment stimulates the nervous and immune systems through the spinal column. We know that the immune system cannot function optimally where there is interference between the brain and the body. By clearing out this interference through realignment of the spinal column, chiropractic strengthens the immune system. With our help, your brain and spine can communicate clearly. This reduces allergic reactions. 

When your immune system is supported and calm, allergic reactions will lessen naturally, without the need to take harmful medication of a daily basis. Chiropractic also soothes the levels of histamine and cortisol. We can help with allergies related to environmental factors such as dust, dander, pet hair, pollen, and more. 

We can also recommend nutrition changes to reduce your sinus and allergy problems. Whether it is in eliminating certain foods from your diet, which are known to trigger allergies, or in adding supplements to support your wellness, we have many recommendations. 

Chiropractic Care for Sinus Problems 

Chiropractic can also reshape your sinuses using manual adjustments that promote drainage, clear the nasal passages, and reduce blockage. If your cranial bones are not properly aligned, then you may experience persistent sinus blockages. 

In a nasal specific technique, we will clear your nasal passages using natural air. Once your nasal passages are clear, your cranial bones will return to their natural alignment and you will not feel so congested. This treatment works best when received multiple times a week. When you receive nasal specific adjustments, the pressure in your sinuses will decrease, you will be able to breathe easier, and you will feel better. 

Our chiropractor, Dr. Eulo, will advise you not to eat certain mucus-producing foods to support your sinus health and reduce nasal congestion. 

Our Chiropractor can Relieve Allergy and Sinus Issues through Chiropractic Adjustments and Nutritional Counseling

We at Eulo Chiropractic Center serve the Washington Township area including Sewell, Blackwood, Williamstown, Turnersville and Glassboro. Patients new to our chiropractic practice can sign up over the phone or on our website to receive a FREE new patient consultation. To learn how we can treat allergies naturally, call 856-269-4567 today.