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Knee Injury Relief Through Chiropractic Care

Visit Eulo Chiropractic Center for Knee Injury Relief

Patient suffering from knee pain and in need of chiropractic care in Sewell, NJ

Knee injuries are debilitating. When you have a knee injury, you feel pain or discomfort with every step you take. At Eulo Chiropractic Center in Sewell, NJ, we offer knee injury relief through chiropractic care. A knee injury affects the way you sleep, the way you work and limits your physical activities. Physical activities are often the cause of a knee injury. For instance, a forceful blow to the knee during sports such as football, rugby or soccer may damage one of the ligaments that support the structure of the knee. These ligaments include the Anterior Cruciate Ligament, ACL, the Posterior Cruciate Ligament and the Collateral Ligament. Sometimes, small tears in the ligaments will heal on their own. Our Sewell chiropractor helps to speed this healing process by manipulating the knee joint into a healthy alignment so that ligament heals properly.

A knee that is aligned will also help to increase circulation to the area which reduces inflammation and speeds the healing process. Sports such as basketball, football, soccer, tennis and others that require quick directional changes, place a lot of pressure on the meniscus in the knee. A meniscal tear may also be the result of the aging process, and our chiropractor can help to stabilize the knee joint and provide relief for your knee injury.

Sports Injury Services at Eulo Chiropractic Center

Our sports injury services at Eulo Chiropractic Center include chiropractic adjustments and massage therapy. Massage therapy services help to remove toxins from the injured areas around the knee. This helps to reducing swelling and inflammation, without the use of medications. Our Sewell chiropractic center may also suggest lifestyle changes as you recovery from a knee injury. We educate you on the proper way to stand from a chair to keep the pressure off your knees. We show you exercises to strengthen the muscles around the knees to stabilize and support this important joint. Our nutritional counseling services can help with weight management if an excess in weight is causing stress on your knees.

Our holistic and alternative approach to knee injury relief at Eulo Chiropractic Center is one that provides immediate benefits plus reduces your chances of future injuries. Our team is here to help you recover and to teach you ways to keep your knees strong so you are able to participate in all your favorite activities. Dr. Eulo wants you to enjoy an active and healthy life that is free of knee injuries and discomfort.

Relieve Your Knee Injury Today at Our Sewell Chiropractor’s Office!

If you are suffering from a dislocation of the knee, we can help adjust your knee into alignment. Then, with our chiropractic care program, we solidify this adjustment so your knee remains stable. Knee injuries are common due to the instability of the joint, but you do not have to resort to surgery and medications, or live in pain. Our chiropractic care services will make a difference in your knee injury relief. Please call us today at 856-269-4567 to learn more about our chiropractic care programs for knee injuries.